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Dropped Calls And Miscommunication: Tips For Improving A Voip Line

VoIP (voice-over-IP) technology is superior to traditional telecommunications technology in just about every way. But there are also some challenges; a telecommunications line really can't be altered in any way, which also means that it can't potentially be misconfigured. There are a few things you might want to check if your VoIP line isn't functioning as it should.

Get a Separate Internet Service

For some companies, you can run both your data (your computers and devices) and your voice (your phones) on the same line. But if you have a larger company, you're probably going to need an additional Internet service line. Don't worry -- this is usually still less expensive than a traditional telecommunications system. As an additional benefit, this is going to ensure that your data doesn't interfere with your voice in any way.

Think About Setting Up a Backup Line

While you install a separate Internet service, you may also want a backup line. A backup line operates as a fail over; when your Internet service goes down, this line can be configured to take calls. Often a building will already have a provided Internet service, which isn't satisfactory for day-to-day operations but can still be used as a backup. Your VoIP service will be able to configure your system to use this connection in the event that a failure does occur.

Prioritize Internet Connections

When data goes through your network, it has a certain level of priority. You can set your data to be prioritized through your network, so that your voice data is being sent through the network faster than the rest of your data. Because the data quality of voice calls are more likely to be disruptive than the data quality of other connections, this can be beneficial. 

Upgrade and Update Your Router and Switch

Though you don't need a costly PBX system, your VoIP system does rely upon hardware. Most notably, your router and your switch. If your router and switch is outdated, then it may not be able to transfer your voice data as quickly as it can -- even if your Internet speeds are more than adequate. Your VoIP company may have suggestions regarding the best equipment for your organization.

Many modern business phone services will not only give you information about setting up VoIP technology but also about fine-tuning it. For more information, you can consult with your telecommunications companies and find out about your options. For more information, contact companies like Siarum Intelligent Communications.