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3 Ways To Lower Your Internet Bill

The Internet is a way of life today for most Americans. It's hard to imagine what the world would be like without it. But while the Internet can certainly feel like a necessity, that doesn't mean you should be required to pay an arm and a leg just to browse it. If your current provider has raised your bill in recent months, it might be time to push back. Here are a few ways you might be able to lower your Internet bill.

Inquire About New Promos

Many Internet providers offer temporary promotions when new customers sign up. These promos can last anywhere from a few months to a year, allowing the customer to pay lower than the regular price. While this can save you money in the short-term, it could lead to sticker shock when the higher price does kick in. If your bill recently went up because of a promo ending, it can't hurt to call the provider and inquire about other offers. For best results, come armed with the latest promo offering from a competitor and then ask the customer service rep if they can do anything to match it.

Get Your Own Equipment

Are you currently renting a cable box or modem from your Internet provider? If so, this is an extra charge on your bill every month. If you were to purchase your own box or modem instead, it would cost you a little more money up front but you'll be able to remove the rental charges from your monthly bill. Over time, the savings will add up until you get back the full price of the modem or box you purchased, and then you'll be in the black going forward.

Don't Be Afraid to Switch

While it's helpful to know the competition's offerings to try and get your current provider to cut you another deal, don't be afraid to take a hard look at all of your local Internet providers and switch to the one with the best offer. Switching providers really isn't that big of a hassle these days, with many providers willing to send someone out to your home for any wiring or box installation that is needed.

If your Internet bill keeps creeping up in price every month, it's time to fight back. Contact your current provider and inquire about new promos, being sure to mention any other deals in town. Use your own equipment to eliminate rental fees, and don't be afraid to switch if another Internet provider can offer you significant savings for the long-term.