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Should You Get A High Speed Fiber Connection For Your Home Business?

Do you currently work out of your home and utilize your residential internet connection for work purposes? If so, you may be wondering if it is worth upgrading to high-speed fiber internet for business purposes. After all, business internet packages do come at a higher price, making you wonder if it's worth making the switch. Here is what you need to know about the differences between the two services.

Better Customer Service

One thing that will be very different between residential and business internet service is customer service. You are paying a premium for a business service, and you can expect better customer service because of that. There will be shorter waits on the phone if you need technical assistance, faster response times if your internet is down, and even accountability if you lose internet service for your business account. You depend on your internet connection to run your business, and having downtime will be kept to a minimum because of that.

Prioritized Uptime

Internet service providers can become a bit congested at certain times of the day. You may discover that your residential internet connection is being deprioritized during these times, causing service to be usable but slow. That is because the priority is being given to business customers during normal working hours. Know that you'll be getting the fastest speeds possible at all times during the day by upgrading to a business internet connection. 

Your high-speed fiber internet service provider may even offer a guarantee for what speeds you will get during business hours. While your residential internet connection may have advertised transfer speeds, know that these are the theoretical max transfer speeds and are in no way a guarantee. If your business internet service drops below the guaranteed speed, you have the right to ask for a billing adjustment or compensation in some other way

No Data Caps

Transfer a lot of data for your job? You may be running up against the data cap of your residential internet plan. Business plans tend to not have a data cap, which allows you to upload or download all of the data that you need without worrying about overages or speed throttling that comes with exceeding a data limit. 

Fast Upload Speeds

Residential plans are typically capped at how fast you can upload data, while the advertised speed is what you can download. This is not the case with a business plan, which typically allows much higher upload speeds that are on par with your download speeds.